Some Other Time Some Other Place

Mega 18 song follow-up to FireStorm, featuring Singer/Songwriter John Shakkar Settineri as he takes us on a soulful journey through life, love and tragedy

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America Keep The Light Shining

Coming from Boston, the events of September 11, 2001 had an especially hard impact on me.  I sat glued the television as the days events unfolded, and the tragedy was overwhelming.

The next day I sat down and wrote America Keep The Light Shining, as a way to cope with all my feelings.

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FireStorm, my debut full length CD. 

      Having no formal training in music, combined with the fact that i'm slightly tone deaf in one ear, was an ambitious project.

      Originally, I went to a local recording to record America Keep The Light Shining.  The engineer asked if I had any other material and the project kept right on rolling for nearly two years.

     The title track was actually the brainchild of my nephew.  I believe he was 15 at the time, and had just got a drum machine for his birthday.  He already was playing guitar.  He present me a guitar riff with full drums, and asked if I could write lyrics to it.   I listened to this Hendrix influenced track and was awoken at 4 am one morning to write down lyric that had been rolling through my thoughts all night.   It was a great experience to be able to bring him to the studio and record the song with him.

     Bless this Day was written as a gift for my wife, and I performed it at our wedding.  For the CD, I wanted something special, so I turned it into a duet..with the amazing Mandy Powers

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