So good 

Good Morning,

    Just a quick thank you to all who have commented on my CD.  Thank you so much!

NEW CD Release Date Set 

Hello Everyone,

       I'm very happy to announce that my new should be available on June 18th.  It's been a great experience working on this project.  I think you all will enjoy hearing what I've created.  A majority of the songs deal with my own experiences, the good and the bad.  18 songs that tell my story.  I hope will you check back and give it a listen


Thank you for your support!


Thank you! 

Just a sincere note of gratitude to the Millions who showed great support for my City of Boston during this hectic and tragic week.  Again, amaziing work done by the FBI, ATF and all the local police and officials


Thank you

Boston Marathon 

My heart is saddened by what should have been a great occasion, marred by tragedy and violence as two bombs were detonated in the area of the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon.


My nephew's new fiance was with her friend near the finish line at the time of the explosions, but luckily escaped without injury.   

My thoughts to the families of the 3 people who lost their lives, and to the near 200 that were severely injured by the blasts.


Grat Massa - Good Morning Shakkar
Shakkar   - Good Morning, Grat!
GM         - Before I get to questions about the New CD, let me ask you about your previous CD.
Shakkar    - FireStorm.. Very memorable project.
GM          - Well, my first thought is the title, how did you come up with that?
Shakkar    - It came from the title of a song my nephew and I wrote together.
GM          - That must have been fun.  
Shakkar    - Indeed.  Jared was either 15 or 18, (laughing...).  He is a great guitar player.  he
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Welcome to my Place 

Hi Everyone!

      Welcome to my new website!   Hope you enjoy looking through the different pages. I tried to make it interesting.


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