NEW ALBUM: FIRESTORM BY JOHN SHAKKAR SETTINERICurrent mood:excitedJohn my friend, here’s to you. Your first album is out, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I wanted to wait until I’m actually holding the CD in my hand before I write about it here. Well, this is the big moment. Yesterday I found a CD with a zzzzzzzzznake on the cover in my mailbox. Kind of 70ies retro hippie style, perfect for snakes and snakettes. A huge plus for the cover. I’ve heard all the songs before on your site but somehow they sound so much better with the real thing playing on my stereo. Must be the amplifier.     The mix of rock and ballads (and some very “unusual” sounds here and there) is great. And although I do love roaring lions (do keep screaming please), I have to say Hard lesson learned is turning out to be one of my favourites here, the more I listen to it. Great lyrics. The other big favourite is still the title track FireStorm – yeah, because it’s LOUD. My compliments to your nephew. You guys rrrrrrrock! As I’m listening to the songs now I’m once again so impressed by the musicians. You certainly found yourself some good people to work with. And Mandy Powers, I’ve said it before… the voice of an angel, chrystal clear. I’m also wondering how many kitchen towels your wife needed to wipe happy tears from her eyes after you sang Bless this day for her? Many people would be surprised how much time and work it takes to make an album, even more so if you write the songs yourself. Thank you so much John for letting me follow your work ”behind the scenes”. May the album be a success. Cheers! ” - Inger Asplund

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christa nice work Written in the true feeling of the tragedy of Sept. 11....a fitting tribute ” - Christa

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Inger Beautiful There can never be too many songs about peace, love and hope. I like this a lot. Nice guitars. ” - Inger

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Hard Lesson Learned

The Making of FireStorm