FireStorm - Debut CD

FireStorm, my debut full length CD. 

      Having no formal training in music, combined with the fact that i'm slightly tone deaf in one ear, was an ambitious project.

      Originally, I went to a local recording to record America Keep The Light Shining.  The engineer asked if I had any other material and the project kept right on rolling for nearly two years.

     The title track was actually the brainchild of my nephew.  I believe he was 15 at the time, and had just got a drum machine for his birthday.  He already was playing guitar.  He present me a guitar riff with full drums, and asked if I could write lyrics to it.   I listened to this Hendrix influenced track and was awoken at 4 am one morning to write down lyric that had been rolling through my thoughts all night.   It was a great experience to be able to bring him to the studio and record the song with him.

     Bless this Day was written as a gift for my wife, and I performed it at our wedding.  For the CD, I wanted something special, so I turned it into a duet..with the amazing Mandy Powers

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